What this blog is: *Vegan mom*vegan child*homeschooling * gypsy life on an island*

Vegan,homeschooling mommy in Oahu,Hawaii

My family (Husband Eric,our daughter Lily-rain and myself) traveled for 8 months in a 34ft class A RV through a few states. In August 2016 we sold the RV from Flagstaff AZ and 24 hours later we were on a plane to Oahu Hawaii! With just a few suitcases, backpacks & duffle bags with us. 

Its where we were always planing on moving to whenever we stopped full-timing and it ended up happening very quickly. 

Life is always an adventure.!!

I am vegan (for ethical reasons) since 1997 and Lily-rain aka zombie has been vegan since birth. We’ve been doing “school time” for a while but now we officially started kindergarten homeschooling. With a big focus on things she’s interested in; currently rainforests & what sea life lives in the ocean here. American sign language is our 2nd language so you may see photos or videos with ASL in it as it’s part of our daily life. 

This is a blog but may sometimes be like Journal: family fun/not fun moments, photos from everywhere we go,island life,how we eat vegan on a budget and for the most part healthy foods including recipes(I make up my own a lot but I’ll try and let you know what used and did),homeschooling,animal rights,randomness that I like etc. Just a stay-at-home vegan homeschooling mom living the island life!

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