What this blog will be about

Vegan RV Mommy

My family (Husband Eric,our 2.5 daughter Lily-rain aka Zombie and my mother-in-law Tina) are about to travel the Mainland US & Canada over next 4 or so years. We are starting from Glendale,Arizona going to be heading to South Dakota first to set domestic address and register the RV then going to go throughout the West Coast. 
I am vegan (or ethical reasons) since 1997 and Lily-rain since birth. Tina/ mother-in-law was vegetarian for about 15 years in 60’s/70’s and then last fall started back for health reasons.

This is a blog but like Journal: family fun/not fun moments, photos from everywhere we go,how we eat vegan and for the most part healthy foods including recipes(I make up my own a lot but I’ll try and let you know what used and did),schooling,randomness that I like etc.


One thought on “What this blog will be about

  1. Dear Elizabeth,

    Love that your doing a blog.
    Maybe your being a vegan and sharing ideals might help me change how I do things.
    Prayers and hugs.
    Safe travels.
    Kathy Tett

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