Past week

Been a rough week we left the state but had to come back within 48 hours.
Now today before we planned on leaving again the generator quit working properly so we gotta wait until Monday to get that fixed- I left my husband and his friend to figure out what’s wrong and able to fix it themselves.
However in the past almost week we have been living and cooking in the RV.
Once things get more steady I’ll try to post every couple of days if not daily lol but this is what we made on the road.

Lunch: Pbj sandwiches and salad.
We were busy so needed to be fast
Dinner: baked ziti with follow your heart mozzarella cheese and garlic toast.

Breakfast: we don’t do breakfast really but my daughter Lily-rain had silk yogurt with blueberries.
Lunch: black bean, zucchini, carrot & spinach wraps.
Dinner: leftover ziti

Breakfast: N/A
Lunch: Hummus and raw veggie wrap( veggies from night before that weren’t cooked)
Dinner: Salad and black bean and veggie burrito.

Breakfast: N/A Lily-rain had a fruit and veggie smoothie.
Lunch: just kind of munched on Hamilton Apaches as we were doing errands
Dinner: went out to eat at a vegan friendly Mexican restaurant.
Can you say margaritas?! 😍 lol after a stressful couple of days we definitely needed a break from cooking and fixing things.

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch: veggie burgers with sweet potatoe tots
Dinner: follow your heart cheddar chesse and beyond meat seasoned strips  quesadilla with fruit salad

Breakfast: n/a
Lunch: salad with beyond meat seasoned strips on top.
Dinner: BBQ grilled tofu with mushrooms and zucchini

Breakfast: N/A
Lunch: Salad with BBQ beyond meat chicken strips
Dinner: planning on “super veggie yummy” chili with homemade potato chips.

*Currently my daughter is munching on pita chips and red pepper hummus (photo)


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