Been a crazy start

Talk about a rough start to our full timing Adventure!
Had to stay in front of my husband’s Nana which none of us were happy about especially myself and my mother in law since we both have issues with them. That’s after few….incidents with our landlord in Glendale Az….. it’s really been like a prime time drama lately. From the 13th until now has been a whirlwind

Finally we left AZ permanently-on my husband & my wedding anniversary-….. Then about an hour and a half outside San Diego our left passenger brake went out we stopped in a no (not a one horse ZERO) horse town(in az state lines still I believe) to get it repaired. The guy at the shop was nice enough to let us plug in there so at least we had heat while we stayed in the rv (Without the back tires/breaks) in the parking lot of the repair shop. 

Luckily broke down around 4 p.m. and were back on the road about 2 the next day.
Because we got to San Diego a day late we had to rush to find a place and ended up staying at San Diego koa for two nights. Awesome place they had jumping pillows for Lily-rain a hot tub and pool, playground etc. Pricy as hell but for all the accommodations I guess worth it

Although it took a while we are finally in a campground for the next 31 days campland on the bay.
I’m a little relieved- the anxiety and stress were starting to wear me down.
And we’re just a few feet away from a little beach!

I had gotten her a little gift at Walmart of bubble puppy backpack with sand toys a while back (in AZ on clearance) and gave that to her this afternoon. So glad she likes it,she’s obsessed with the bubble puppy sand mold. Played with them all today

First night here is tonight, we hung out at the beach for about an hour before sunset playing in the sand,I did some laundry and since I didn’t want to cook cook I made some soy chorizo & tofu burritos. Pressed tofu and have it marinating for tomorrow’s dinner too.
We have a fire pit right by our RV so Eric is hanging out there having a beer I may join him with my coconut rum and pineapple but right now I’m exhausted especially since I’ve only been sleeping about 2 to 3 hours pass few days and kinda just want to watch Hulu and pass out tho its only 10pm here.
Tomorrow I really just want to spend most of the day hanging out on that teeny tiny beach with my daughter maybe a hike if my pain isn’t too intense.

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