Vegan mini RV refrigerator

Our vegan mini RV refrigerator 🙂

Silk yogurt, soy/almond milk boxes,veggie dogs (will roasted over a fire!),veggies,tofukey Asian chickenless bites for stir-fry,two flavors of hummus,tofu, marinated tofu for baked tofu tonight. Salsa for chips and last nights soyorizo and tofu burrows.
Have veggie pasta,sauce, rice noodles, salad, sesame dressing/soy sauce/ teriyaki sauce/ketchup/ mustard/Just Mayo/vegan butter,follow your heart vegan cheese mushrooms & frozen vegan pizza & earth balance began Mac n’ cheese, quinoa & different beans as well.

Meals for 4 people let’s see what I can come up with for dinners and picnic lunches!! Tho my non-veg husband will probably eat whatever he has lol

#Gypsyvegan #veganmommiesraisingvegankids
#RVliving #rvlife #RVMOM


Mix of vegan(for Lily-rain and I) and non-veg foods for Eric.

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