Toddler school

We used to do school time once a day for about an hour now that we’re on the road and have more free time she wants to do it more often. If not playing on the beach she wants “School time mommy!”
We’ve been focusing on Phonics and ASL ( it’s her second language )since she completed the pre-K language skills workbook about a dozen times in a few days but keeping up doing the alphabet with the magnet board(big/little letters),ABC mouse. Com, art/crafts,starting a bit writing & spelling/reading and of course cooking.
She knows how to finger spell a lot and understands when my husband and I spell something like B-E-A-C-H or H-U-M-M-U-S lol but working on reading words.
Can’t wait until she’s old enough to start real school she will be home schooled but still hopefully her love of learning new stuff continues throughout regular school grades.


Couple backwards but very proud of how she did!



Doing her ABC’s putting big and little letters together 😍


Watching meet the phonics DVD


DVDs and workbooks that we use daily

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