Potty training before Lily-rain broke her leg was going well. She could go a good 5-6 hours accident free took 8 weeks off while she was in a full leg cast and wasn’t able to walk,tried for a week but with preparing to move it never went well lol.
We’ve been at this campground since Saturday evening so yesterday after getting things more organized,getting over being sick and going grocery shopping we started back. Less then 30min in was a disaster!
Today started fairly well did laundry, made lunch & played in the grassy area all….mess free.
Then we went to the beach,she had a honest company swim diaper on.
Played in the sand building bubble puppy & crab sand molds for a while….then within like 20 seconds she took her diaper off yelled “Poop mommy!” And then proceeded to plop down & roll in the sand.
Worse 20sec ever it all happened so quickly 😖😖😩😩
Ah #toddlerhood

This kid picks up academic things very quickly but Lord help me potty training is absolutely exhausting- for both of us I’m sure.

#pottytraing #mommylife #adventuresinmomlife

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