I wish it was just MY family living in my RV

I’m seriously so sick of not being able to be myself or live like I normally would.
My mother in law goes to bed 2 1/2 hours earlier than my *two year old daughter*, takes up the entire front of the RV,drinks way too much too often,makes fun of me and Lily-rain,trys to teach my daughter stuff I don’t want her picking up/undermining my parenting.

I’m literally stuck inside of a bedroom with my daughter or trying to get away from her by going somewhere. Its fucking exhausting mentally & emotionally. Trying to keep a two year old quiet to appease her 24/7 is insanely difficult.
Because she takes up the whole front of the RV including the only place to sit we can’t watch TV (which is above the driver’s area ) we can’t eat there only place we can eat is on my bed and watch Hulu on my phone. It’s beyond stupid I paid for this the title is in my name as well as my husband’s yet she’s the only one whose opinion matters everything has to be done to make sure she’s happy and essentially fuck everybody else.
Even just going to the bathroom in middle of the night is difficult because she takes up so much of a RV literally have to stand on your tippy toes to get through the 4in space to get to the door to get out.
A lot of times and she goes to bed Lily-rain & I will go for a walk down to the beach and use Google Sky to learm about constellations, “talk” with the ducks  or watch the boats with their Costa green lights so she has an opportunity to be a normal two year old rather then trying to be quiet all the time.
I used get along with her but being stuck in here it’s seriously turning into hate dealing with everything. And because she’s living here I can’t have another child which was something I had always wanted we had planned on.
Seriously trying to keep a basic level of sanity at least for my daughter sake. I’m lucky she enjoys reading and doing school time so much as well as some drawing and crafts give us something to do in my room.
Hopefully someday be able to live with just my family again and be able to be myself with fear.


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