Bye-bye to the negative & bad vibes

After a very difficult few weeks living with my husband’s mom she left. Took every dollar we had but she’s gone.
So much….badness for lack of a better word happened with her here and now 24 hours after she left its more peaceful.
No trying to keep my daughter safe and from her bad example she showed,away from her,no having to hide in the back of RV,no more her getting full bottle of vodka drunk,bringing around a new “boyfriend” every couple of days,no us getting yelled at for going to the bathroom at night,Lily-rain can eat more now,we don’t have to live doing what she wanted just to make her happy  (which never happened).
Even my husband is very relived; stressed about money since she took everything but we will deal with that.
Today made vegan cinnamon waffles (post recipe later) then as my husband does some side jobs and after my physical therapy Lily-rain and I will go down to the library for some playtime/toddler time play group then maybe quick stop at a beach.
Made tofukey, soy chesse & spinach mini sandwiches for a snack on the way back too.

#Gypsyvegan #veganmommiesraisingvegankids


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