Can animals really feel? **Warning has photos some may see as graphic**

You were born, and with being born, you were given the chance to evoke change–to make a difference–to do something better than your ancestors did.
Whether you capitalize on that chance or not is up to you, but just know that there are millions living each and every day for these animals. And we are proud to be a part of this movement! #Peacelovevegan
Cows are raised in several ways. If born female, they are raised to serve the dairy industry–this involves sticking metal prods into their vaginas every year and milking them the entire time since, like other mammals (including humans), cows only lactate when pregnant. Once their time as dairy cows is over, they are sent to slaughter and become the meat on your plate through throat-slitting, hanging upside down, being torn apart while still entirely conscious, and then finally, horrifically, being ground up. 

If born male, they most often become veal (baby cow meat). This means that they see the first month or two of life, and never know their families or love, before becoming your dinner. 

You want evidence that these animals feel true pain, that they’re more than something to kill & eat?

Here is what they look like when separated from family, about to be slaughtered. 




If photos don’t show enough here’s a video of cows being mistreated.
Pay close attention to their sharp reactions and very clear understanding of motives as well as what is going on around them

The next video shows cows waiting in line for slaughter.
Really notice how they back away as soon as they feel fear, as soon as they feel that something is off. They are not mindless, they are incredibly aware. And terrified.

If you REALLY need to see more watch Earthings,Cowspiracy, forks over knives
On Netflix alone there are


Check out my other post with a list of  videos &documentaries about why going vegan is great for the animals,health, the earth/environment etc. To help gain more information on #veganism and how to make a change for the betterment of all beings.

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