Living environmentally conscious & cheap produce! 

​A perk to living on the island is the abundance of local produce while it’s true a lot of other food items cost a lot more since it is shipped from the mainland fresh fruits and vegetables are easy to come by and can be found very cheaply if you look. Although I will say being vegan makes things a lot easier for instance Puss-filled cows milk is literally $8 to $12 a gallon here however say silk brand almond milk is only about $0.50 to a dollar more than it was in Arizona. 

There are even groups where you can get fresh produce for free from people who have say fruit trees or a garden and have too much for their own family so they give it away so it doesn’t go to waste. Farmers markets are also great sometimes it’s more expensive but most of the time is it half the price of local grocery stores.
The Dole Plantation is on this island and you can get fresh cut Dole pineapple quite cheap in most places. 

Fresh coconut are super cheap as well I got a few for free from a Facebook group from women who was giving away dozens of them. 

Fresh coconut! Just eating it with a spoon is absolutely amazing I think I’m going to try to bake with fresh coconut soon. 
Also got some papaya and a fruit called ugli which is a Jamaican hybrid of a tangelo grapefruit and orange-it’s very unique tasting. Well neither my husband or I are a fan of ugli Lily-rain LOVES them! 

This is just from the past week. 

We originally had 6 papaya
In the past I’ve gone to farmers markets and gotten lettuce carrots tomatoes pineapple mango kale for cheap. One time I spent about $20 on 3 tote bags full of fresh fruits and veggies! 

Another thing that’s great about on the island is that they are very environmentally conscious.

Not one grocery store has plastic bags that are not washable and reusable,most places only take tote bags and some charge you $0.10 to $0.25 for a reusable plastic bag which can be annoying but since I’ve been using tote bags since the early 2000s it’s become my norm anyways. 

While they do charge you a tax for plastic bottles or cans you can always take it to one of the multiple recycling places and get a refund back on that tax which is what we’ve been doing.Collecting any bottles and cans that we go through during our daily life and then take it to the recycling plant is not exactly a ton of money but getting $7 back from bottle taxes ever couple of weeks is pretty cool. 
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