UPDATE! No more fulltiming RVliving. Island life on Oahu. #Veganinhawaii

There’s been a lot of changes in the past few months!!

In mid-august we sold the RV within 24 hours of signing over the title we moved to Oahu Hawaii! With literally just a few suitcases backpacks and duffle bags filled with Essentials.

Life is most definitely an adventure lol!

The last place we were with the RV was near Flagstaff Arizona near husband had gotten a job at a hotel on Route 66. During the two months that we were there he said most of the time boondocking in the forest in and around Flagstaff and close to the Grand Canyon.

This blog is still going to be about vegan parenting,animalrights along with homeschooling,vegan on Oahu and island life in general.

Going to be posting stuff that’s happened in the past few months as well as currently.

Lily-rain aka zombie and I saying bye to our best friends.

Her friend she’s known more than half of her life and even now she keeps asking for her daily.

View of the island as we flew in!

Our first official day in the city of Honolulu walking on Waikiki Beach.

Lily-rain eating a salad with gardien vegan chickenless strips & local BBQ sauce on the beach of Waikiki.

The lovely magic Island a little beach lagoon area great for kids near downtown Honolulu.

One of the last hikes we took.

Just outside of the city limits of Flagstaff Arizona a few days before we ended up selling the RV.

The last time we went out to eat in Historic downtown Flagstaff.

Alittle Asian restaurant where I had an Asian sesame tofu salad. Plus veggie rolls and we all split spicy garlic edamame.

Currently doing kindergarten work! Including writing ABCs, writing numbers learning the value of coins and bills as well as will focusing on certain things that she’s interested in including rain forests and sea animals. And of course keeping up with ASL as a second language but that is just part of our everyday life.

Enjoying on our life as Islanders!

Stay tuned for more updates and recipes as well as what it’s like to be vegan & homeschooling on an island.

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