Why we chose to homeschool 

There was always a possibility ever since before I had a living child. My husband and I had discussed it while I was pregnant and we thought that homeschooling possibly unschooling would be a great option but that we would wait and see as she got to be toddler and preschool age what would the best option would be.

Lily-Rain has always loved learning everything! Even when she was just a year old and I would do stuff like count the yellow bananas when we would go grocery shopping she paid attention and she learned to sign numbers and colors by the time she was 15 months old.

She loves being read to, she loved learning to write,she’s loving learning the value of coins,reading/writing out letters and words counting skip counting, learning about random things that interest her like what bunny rabbits eat or what types of fish and see animals live in the ocean near us.

I have a history of working with Elementary School students as well as multiple degrees (which of course is not at all needed, regardless of formal education any parent is capable to homeschool their children)  so I am really equipped to do a decent education with the ability to focus on what we feel is most important: compassion, creativity ,finding a passion, Independence, the ability to learn from everything,not only basic academics but also more life skills like the value of money not just how much each coin a bill is but the true value of it & a more unique way of learning various subjects such as science in cooking.

The plan is to homeschool throughout elementary school and then around Middle School age either switch to online school or possibly a charter school unless she wants to otherwise continue on with homeschooling. There are local groups where even preschooler age children can meet up with other homeschooling parents including one that is 100% vegan homeschoolers! So she will be able to hang out with other children throughout the week.

I understand a lot of people do not agree with homeschooling or think that they will lose out on social aspects of  Public School however this is not cause drama or debate with anybody it is simply what we chose to do and what I will continue to write about.

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