Argument against veganism 

​I love it when someone thinks they have somehow single-handedly discredit veganism. 

Been vegan 20 years dude I can promise you that your arguments have been heard before. They are invalid. They lack logic. The not based on anything other than what you feel is right.  They won’t suddenly make me give up my core belief system. 
No, humans are not at the top of the food chain. 

No, we have no biological need for animal products.

No, meat is not the only source of protein.

No, plants are not sentient.

No, B12 is not animal derived  (it is a waste product of bacteria). 

No, animals will not take over if the world were to go vegan.

No, “humane” meat does not exist. You have to kill it in order to eat it. Regardless of HOW they are killed it is still murder. 

No, buying honey does not help save the bees.

No, “catch and release” fishing is not harmless. 

No, zoos and aquariums are not educational. 

No, testing on animals is not necessary or even reliable. 


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