Following a dream

 Before my husband and I even met we both wanted to move out of Arizona I never had any intention of staying there more than a few years and never wanted to raise our children there.

 My goal was Colorado or Oregon he wanted Washington we had narrowed it down between Washington and Colorado but then after visiting Hawaii over Christmas in 2015 we decided that we wanted to make the island of Oahu our permanent home. In January we nearly had a house we had put down money for a couple months rent,got our tickets and we were shipping Kia soul  over.  

However two days before the car was being shipped and 5 days before the plane was going to leave the guy retracted the offer to us and gave us back the down payment. Supposedly because of something our than landlord had said although we never figured out what. 

So we sold our car and bought a 34 foot Class A RV and started traveling. Although we did lose some money from the plane tickets we did the best we could given the circumstances.

Although not all is documented in the blog we went through part of California Oregon Nevada Utah Colorado and Arizona where we had started from the city of Glendale. Just before our daughter’s birthday we stopped in Seligman. Not too far from Flagstaff and within two days my husband have gotten a bar manager job at nice hotel by Route 66 so we decided to stay in Flagstaff or nearby for a while.

After finding out I was pregnant we decided to try to sell the RV.

Unfortunately at 9 weeks I found out we had a ectopic pregnancy and I had a miscarriage.

  I was devastated my heart and soul felt like it had been  crushed to dust. A second child it was something we had always dreamed of I felt like that was becoming more and more like just a dream and not a reality. 

We still wanted to sell it in hopes of getting more stable and move to where wanted :Oahu. 

2 weeks and 3 days after the loss of our baby-on my birthday a Sunday-a guy came to look at the RV and decided to buy it! 

My husband,our daughter & I drove to Phoenix unloaded everything in the RV into our storage shed and drove it back up there Monday night.

Tuesday morning we went to the DMV and both my husband and I signed over the title of their RV to its new owner ,we got a ride back down to Phoenix and that night we packed and bought tickets to Oahu.

My daughter and I spent the night at our best friend’s house for one last girls night( our daughters are the same age and best friends) and by noon the next day we were at the airport waiting to board our plane.

 It’s been two months since we moved here my husband has a job as a security officer in Chinatown and doing training for CDL to become a bus driver. I’ve finally got back into doctors to get back on major medications and also started Lily-rain in kindergarten homeschooling. We currently share house with another family and I’m saving up to get our own place as well as they vehicle my husband has a moped to get to and from work but it’s not very useful for the whole family or to do stuff like grocery shopping. 

Eventually everything will fall into place we just gotta keep working hard at it keep the eye on the prize and never give up.

This is the life we wanted and we will work hard making sure it works.

No matter what obstacles stand in the way if you want to accomplish a dream there is a way.

 It might take longer and may not be the easiest but it CAN HAPPEN. 



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