7 educational and creative things to do outside. 

Photo from Kewalo basin park in Honolulu Oahu. By :Elizabeth Snyder

1.Go star gazing! The sky is lovely on Oahu but during spring anywhere is such a great time to enjoy some constellations and star stories.  I use Google sky map to easily see the constellations. 

You can check pinterest for constellation printables too.
2. Go on a nature walk/hike – Island activities for kids have to include nature walking/hiking!  Organizing a walk or scavenger hunt is fun, but simply going for a walk, with no plan at all, can be amazing! Even if just a few blocks to a park or store. 

 We live fairly close to rainforest,mountains & an inactive volcano and love nature walking. Although lately its been more in just our neighborhood.

 The only thing I try to prepare is arranging a long length of time for my Zombie to explore, take her time looking & finding interesting things.    Sometimes she isn’t feeling it & wants to head home quickly, but most of the time we could be there forever lol ; exploring, noticing,learning and enjoying nature.
3.  Plant a garden – this one IS simple.

 We used to do a fairly big fruit/vegetable garden, but we haven’t always. Hoping in spring when we have our own place she & I can start gardening again 

 When we lived in our house we used to plant a lot in the front yard.

Now if our place is small most likely will be a few carrots,herbs,squash and beans in a small long planter on our Lanai. 

The garden activities for kids that can be done in a garden-f any size-are endless!  And they happen soooo easily naturally without really realizing it.   Growing something is such a wonderful experience for kids. To learn HOW food is grown & to be able to grow food themselves is amazing! 

4. Pick some flowers – and I of course use the term flower loosely.  Weeds, of the flowering variety, are “pretty flowers” to her and they end up in our wildflower arrangement.   Again, the only thing you really to plan for is time.  No rushing when we are picking our flowers. 

5. Have a picnic – Island weather is an ideal for picnics. 

  I like having Lily-rain pack the picnic with me. Usually nothing too fancy(hummus with raw veggies,sandwiches, fruit) and we head out to the park or beach to enjoy.
6. Make mud pies (and cakes, and cookies) – mud is inevitable in Islandlife lol. It rains A LOT! Daily rain although almost never more then a few min but enough to make mud. 

  Bringing some old pans, bowls,sand molds,bucket, shovels etc outside always leads to hours of creative and imaginative play.  Mud pies, mud cookies, you name it!  Shower after ? Oh yes! 

The mud will wash away from their bodies, but the memories will last. 
7. Make a bird feeder – and climb a tree to hang it.

This can be as simple as putting some peanut butter on a pinecone or plastic cup and sprinkling with bird seed, or creating a more elaborate bird feeder. Pinterest has lots of ideas. 

More activities

Bring normal indoor things outside.  There is nothing quite like being outside in 85° weather.   Enjoying the warmer days, the island smells, the blossoming flowers all around.  

We like bringing blocks,ponies, dolls,cars/trucks out with us to the park or beach. If you don’t want to risk damage try going to goodwill & get a few toys. 

  It is amazing how differently she plays with the same toys when outside. 
There you go! Seven simple and meaningful experiences for little ones to get to experience. Island weather is always great but no matter where you are thses would be great for spring/summer too! 

  The only thing that is really needed for any of them is time.  And giving our little ones the gift of uninterrupted time is such a simple and meaningful way to help them learn creatively


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