First co-op Homeschooling Hawaii event! 

​We went our first homeschooling Co-op event yesterday! We lucked out with being able to carpool with another mom and daughter. 

All sitting around Learning about the Native Americans, growing corn and pumpkins and then did found-object painting (a paper corn craft) and then a turkey craft.

She was sooo proud if her turkey! While making it she said “see? Hes cute! you’re nice to turkeys you don’t eat them that’s mean.”

Doing the found-object painting on the paper corn. Using found objects like corks,cotton balls, chopsticks, leaves,mesh fabric, plastic bottle caps etc 

She then played with a bunch of other little kindergarten and preschool-age homeschoolers. 

She had such a blast! After running and doing crafts most of the kids went and played on the playground for about another hour and a half.

Once I get a car then it’ll be so much easier and better for both of us to be able to get out and socialize like we used to do in Phoenix. 

All day today she’s been asking to do it again hopefully we’ll luck out with another carpool and be able to go again soon to another Co-op event.


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