Benefits of homeschooling

​Benefits of homeschooling

  • Adventure!

Homeschooling frees you up for adventure near and far. A trip to the post office might yield an invitation to an impromptu tour, a visit to a sick friend in the hospital might end up with a demonstration of equipment or a sneak peak at the monitoring station, even a science experiment gone very wrong might end up with a chance to explore the inside of a fire truck! If you are open to the occasional interruption in your schedule, you have an opportunity to explore how your community works. Post-lunch is often a slow time for businesses and people generally love to talk about what they do and how they do it. Sometimes these adventures are impromptu but there is no reason you cannot call and make an appointment if your child has a special interest.

If you or your spouse travel regularly for work,are fulltimers (RV living & Traveling full time) you may be able to travel as a family.

 It is a great way to expose kids to different cities and some of their notable locations. Your school is portable and history/science/language/art etc lessons can be adjusted or supplemented by this kind of travel.
If youre a truly adventurous family homeschooling can afford you the chance to follow your dreams. 

There are homeschooling families who have traveled the world in a sailboat, doing school and seeing the world. We were planing on being fulltimers The possibilities are endless when you have a portable school!

At a forest near the Naval Observatory in Flagstaff Arizona while fulltiming
I can in the rainforest up to Manoa Falls in Oahu Hawaii.. homeschooling allows us the freedom to do this whenever we feel like it.
Hiking in Arizona desert this past summer
Watching the water show at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas Nevada
  • Freedom!

Most of all homeschooling gives you freedom. Many families opt for a less then 5-day school-week, leaving a day or more free for errands, doctor appointments or just doing nothing. Others do it 7 days a week some work long hours each day some just a hours a day.   If a parent works odd days or hours,(ie not 9-5 mon-Fri)  there is no reason you cannot do school on Saturday and Sunday so the whole family can spend Tuesday and Friday together. Sometimes it’s more effective to let them sleep in the morning and have their school day extend to the evening. If you want to go to the beach, playing outside in the snow or leaves hiking on a Tuesday morning you can! If you want to go to the museum you can!. Spend the day doing reading & art go for it! Have Movie day!  Cooking,baking and doing kitchen science why not ?!  The freedom is amazing.Families are able to travel, practice their (if any) religion and observe days that a special to them such as birthdays or anniversaries. You are FREE to do what works for YOUR FAMILY and do it  whenever it works bEdity

A day at the Honolulu Museum of Art. Because we CAN!
When serious matters come up the flexibility of homeschooling can be a lifesaver. If a parent, grandparent,sibling,friend etc is hospitalized,seriously ill or needs helps although you have a basic structure in place  you also have the ability to let some things slide until life is back on track. You can even use the emergency as a learning opportunity. If illness is part of the reason for the break they can learn compassion even if they’re not doing “formal learning”.  Kids are resilient and will continue learning and growing even if you have to take an unexpected break.

December 11th 2016 we spent most of the morning making crafts. Including mini felt stockings with her friend
  • Community Involvement

The flexibility of a homeschool schedule gives you a real chance to become involved in all sorts of aspects of your town or city. During election cycles kids can learn a lot working at a campaign headquarters, helping to set up rallies/events and even just talking to candidates. Some homeschoolers volunteer for various church ministries and non-profit agencies, like Angel Food, during odd hours. Kids have a chance to learn how non-profits run and how things are distributed in addition to learning compassion for those less fortunate. Check with each organization, many have age restrictions
If you have younger children who are not ready for volunteering in formal organizations, there are other options. Take them shopping and prepare small bags with some essentials to give to the homeless you encounter on your day-to-day errands. Bags might include a granola bar, a small box of raisins, baby wipes, a pair of socks, a small toothbrush and travel-sized toothpaste. Keep some in the car to give as needed. Adults should do the giving. In Phoenix my daughter and I volunteered with a vegan volunteering Place making veggie,bean & rice burritos and food containers, packing everything up with drinks  and then another group would hand them out to the homeless people in downtown. 

Benefits of Community Service

*It fosters a sense of empathy and compassion for others.

*It promotes a sense of community and connectedness.

*It promotes teamwork.

*It provides opportunities to learn new skills.

*It encourages personal development.

*It looks good on college and job applications.

*It makes you feel good and can actually reduce stress.

*It may lead to discovering one’s passion

How to Find Community Service Opportunitie

1: Local Publications

Does your town have a local newspaper or website? 

 If so, you might be able to find a list of community service projects. Browse and see if there are any projects that you could join in on. Local Facebook groups are good resources well.

2: Chamber of Commerce

Many cities have a local Chamber of Commerce that keep track of all of the local businesses and organizations. You might be able to visit or contact your local chamber to find out about all of the local non-profit organizations in your area that might be in need of some volunteers.
3: Churches

Another great way to find our which organizations, groups, and individuals in your area need help is by contacting local churches. Many of them will be able to point you in the right direction for family volunteering. Many of them also provide opportunities for people to volunteer their time there.  Sometimes in the childcare area, in the food pantry or other areas of that church. 
4: Ask Around

You never know which of your friends or family members are looking for help or know someone who needs help. Don’t be afraid to simply as if anyone knows of any volunteer opportunities.

Community Service Ideas

There are a wide variety of community service projects that might be available in your area. Below are a few of the ones that you and your homeschoolers can try out.

*Litter Patrol- Walk around your local parks, playgrounds,beaches, neighborhoods and pick up trash.

*Visit the Elderly- If there are any retirement homes, nursing homes, or other types of assisted living facilities, plan regular trips to visit the residents and spend time with them. Again contact them some of them have Age restrictions. Many of them start fairly young- about Age 5.

Homeschooling is one-on-one tutoring

Some studies have shown that in schools, the smaller the students-teacher ratio, the better the students learn.  Among other benefits, the students are helped individually, and teachers ensure that all students master a basic skill or concept before going to a more advanced one.  It ensures that genuine learning is taking place.  Homeschooling is, in effect, one-to-one ratio of teaching. Rather than just remembering a bunch of facta for a test (and not really learning anything) going through a curriculum quickly they can focus on certain things that they may need more time on and move quickly though those subjects/topics that they know well.

  1. Homeschooling tailors learning to specific children’s educational needs – Parents are able to assess their kids’ strength, weaknesses, leaning styles and interests.   Homeschooling allows parents to customize their children’s education to maximize learning, strengthen weaknesses and allow focus on special areas of interest or giftedness.  This makes kids highly motivated to learn, and thus results in kids developing a love for learning. Homeschooling accommodates special needs
  2. Homeschooling can help children who are hyperactive or children who have special behavioral or physical needs from being unfairly labeled. The ability to focus its attention on what works best with that child and whatever needs he/she has. 
    Being able to spend more time on things is a great benefit

    We get to spend lots of time on certain things she loves! Like books and mummies is amazing
  • Homeschooled kids tend to think more independently                                    They are also unlikely to follow the ideas of a group without first making up their own minds. College students who were homeschooled express that they feel more mature than their dorm mates, because they know how to think for themselves and aren’t influenced as readily by peer pressure.
  • Homeschooling eradicates boredom 

Since learning is specifically tailored to individuals, it make them put consistent effort into learning.  Also, kids do not have to waste time on what they already mastered while other kids are catching up. Homeschooling makes kids work for the knowledge of all things rather then grades. 

Homeschooling provides a safe learning environment 

Children who are homeschooled are not exposed to teasing, bullying, negative peer pressure, bad influences, and in some cases, bad or even misbehaving teachers.  Which depending on who you ask be a good and a bad thing. The ability to manage social conflict is something that’s brought up quite often. Although many home-schooled children go through co-ops or attend certain extracurricular classes and end up dealing regular conflict among children. 
Homeschooling gives a sense of security in kids with “attachment parenting” – This is an increasingly popular approach that involves round-the-clock physical contact with children and immediate responses to all their cues. Many times part of “gentle parenting” many parents who start out Parenthood with attachment parenting/gentle parenting end up choosing to homeschool. 
Homeschooling strengthens closeness of the family, and parents’ relationships to children are made deeper – Parents spend more time with their kids, and are able to watch their children grow by learning new things everyday and watch their love of learning grow as well.

 Families are able to travel, practice their (if any) religion and observe days.

Some common abbreviations that you may see throughout your homeschooling Journey


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