Colourful Oil and water science experiment

​Little science experiment about oil and water…. Blue like the ocean 

She’s super amazed  that it doesn’t mix when she shakes it lol 

To make this classic kindergarten science experiment you’ll need:

  1. water
  2. cooking oil (we used olive oil, but vegetable would work well whatever you have)
  3. food colouring. We did blue like the ocean. 
  4. large bottle or jar. 2 liter soda pop bottles,sports drinks bottles,jam/sauce jars (all without the labels) We used a spaghetti sauce jar
  • Fill bottle 1/2-3/4 with water
  • Add food coloring
  • Add oil 
  • Put the lid on and turn upside down there’s absolutely beautiful to watch it in action Lily-rain loved it!

It looks like it separates for a moment and then little drops of oil join together with other drops of oil until all the oil settles on top. 

The more you turn/shake the bottle, the more the bubbly the ocean becomes.  Set your it down occasionally to let the bubbles settle and then start all over again 😀😀.

Oil and water don’t mix – they are described as “immiscible” but WHY? 

Oil is a slippery liquid that burns- is combustible.

Water molecules are polar. A science word meaning they have a small positive charge at one end and a small negative charge at the other end.  And they like stick to each other. 

Oil molecules are non-polar. Meaning they have no charge!. Because of that oil is more attracted to each other than to water molecules, and water molecules are more attracted to each other than to oil molecules. 

Water=water not water =oil

Oil=oil  not oil=water
Why does Oil floa 

The oil floats on top of the water because it is less dense.

A spoonful of oil weighs less than a spoonful of water. 


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