Learning  through playing

​The perks to homeschooling is to be able to have fun in life and learn through it.

This past week she learned to boogie board

Boogie boarding

Boogie boarding with a friend

 learned what animals eat algae off the rocks

structure support/ having a good foundation when building something.

Building a house out of vegan gummy candies and toothpicks

Learned about bones & the brain

She did science experiments to learn about the three types of water (solid liquid and gas),how to press & cook tofu, learned to read & sign new words, practice upper and lowercase letters

Made a simple matching game to help her practice big and little letters

….. but most importantly she practiced conflict resolution, being polite/ using manners, sharing/taking turns,got creative while doing crafts, a love of nature and animals, cleaned up the beach three separate times”so fishes don’t get sick”,losing gracefully, remembering bus numbers to go to different places & made new friends. 

Some things cannot easily be taught in “normal” public school.  

Between the kids she plays with at the beach, the friends she plays with throughout the week and kids at Co-op she learns more through simply playing then our regular structured learning of books & online supplement work. Both are very important to us but understanding how much she is learning from life is amazing. 

Is one more important than the other ?

Not really. Not for us anyhow. 

YES learning to read, count, spell,learning history or what photosynthesis is Etc is important but basic human decency like being nice to others and cleaning up the environment is just as important. Not to mention life skills that they learn through life like cooking, cleaning, gassing up a car or changing a tire. Simple things that everyone needs to know but isn’t taught in school 

Don’t underestimate the power of play! 
Also this week found out that I’m 6 weeks pregnant!! 😍😍

Day I had my ultrasound 😀 going to spend most of this pregnancy making sure I stay fit and healthy. And that includes swimming in the ocean a few times a week!

So now she is obsessed with how the baby is growing and how the baby eats. 


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