Our Homeschool mission statement & my reasons for home education

Our Homeschooling statement

We homeschool in order to allow Lily-Rain to explore the world we live in,study in depth what she is interested in, be creative, develop critical thinking skills,learn life skills,develop/keep a lifelong love of learning and most importantly to be a compassionate person to humans, animals & nature.  
We do this so that she can discover her own passion while developing life traits.

She will be able to develop these skills/traits in a learning environment personalized to her (changing) styles, ever growing and changing interests, and skills with a strong emphasis on life learning. 

As a mom I treat Lily-Rain with the respect she deserves as a person,don’t speak down to her,talk things through together and value my loving connection with her.

I am dedicated to this home education environment through research,connecting with others, daily life learning, and attention to the ever changing wants, needs,passions & desire of Lily-Rain

Homeschooling…..the reasons its awesome 
1. No comparison to other kids their age and no judgement if they don’t meet a certain standard  Pretty much everyone want to be accepted.  Without the continual comparison afforded by being in school all day,most of the year kids are more free to be themselves regardless if they fit the “norms” of other children their age. 
2. Time to explore interests at great length if wanted. With the one-on-one style of the homeschool environment, kids are generally able to focus on what they are passionate about/ allows more time for exploring interests.
3.  One-on-one teaching.  One-on-one teaching allows individualized interaction that meets kids where they are at allowing them to go ahead or stay on a topic longer if necessary. 
4.  Lots of time to play! Rather then their days spent at school & nights doing homework with many schools getting rid of recess that young kids truly need.  They can enjoy their childhood. Seriously though young kids learn SO much through play- indoors & outdoors

Watching fireworks at a nearby Lagoon

5.  Lots of interaction with others not in their age group.  OMG socialization?! 

 Kids who are socialized by all ages- younger, same age,older kids adults and elderly are exposed to much more richer experiences.
6.  Lots of opportunities during the day to do what you want/need. No day is the same in the homeschool. Taking field trips are a natural progression of the homeschool lifestyle.

Getting ready to go to hula class

7.  Learn at their own pace.  We homeschool with mastery in mind.  If a child doesn’t quite understand something we can review or skip and return to it so that topic is learned not just remembered because they think they have to.   

Or if they are learning quickly you can move on to other topics or tougher levels.
8. Critical thinking  Homeschooled kids tend to think more independently. They can be independent thinkers,question what is told & be better able to discern truth.
9.  Individualized education means less boredom and you can teach in whatever why that kid learns best. 
10.  Work for real learning not for grades,not remembering for a test. More for a foundation for a love of lifelong learning Homeschooling can often instill a love of learning.

Homeschooling is good for homeschooling parents too 
11.  Can really know their kids. Hard as that as that can be sometimes, being around our kids all day long does afford us a unique view of their true selves
12.  Can teach with the methods that work for each child.  Freedom of using/trying different teaching methods is not only good for everyone and brings more enjoyable teaching/learning
13.  Can teach with real life!.  It’s hard to raise animals in a classroom,learn to fix a car,to budget or to do many of the hands-on projects that homeschooled families can do. Being able to go to say the beach/out on a boat to learn about the ocean or ocean animals is amazing

Making homemade lip balm with a kit using soy wax

Being able to see how pineapples grow

14.  Can teach with interest-led learning.  The best way I think. A much more likely to not just pay attention but absorb so much more if they are truly interested. Lily-Rain loves learning about the body! Knows the digestive system very well already. It wasn’t a planned topic but she asked about it, became very interested in it and is learning a ton very quickly. 
15.  Can learn together! Whether that be the mom/ dad learns along with the kid or an younger sibling learns alongside the older one. 
16.   Teaching things like compassion and kindness towards others and sharing is part of the daily homeschool life
17.  Able to be with kid all day and not leave them in someone else’s care. Yeah yeah I know that there are some amazing teachers out there. That’s great! Not everyone may agree but I believe that no one loves and cares for the all around well-being of my child like I do. 
18. Experience the “firsts”   

Not just first steps etc but reading their first word/book etc
19.  Let’s us as patents to grow in knowledge.  I have learned so much already from homeschooling my daughter with much more sure to come. 

20.  No stressed rushed mornings trying to get everyone out the door to go to school making sure they have their homework backpack lunch etc.
21. Kids insights and ideas can be inspiring and it will surprise you! 
22.  Seeing them light up when they really GET something or get really into a subject and knowing that it was you who taught them.
23. Kids can learn to cook,to fix broken things in the house,cleaning car maintenance life things that is good for everyone to know at least some about. 
24.  Can create our own schedules that work for our family.

  From daily schedules to winging it non-schedules homeschooling allows us to structure their days/ weeks/years that fits with how life currently is
25.  Can transfer family values and beliefs. For some that may be religious beliefs. For us it’s our view towards animals, then environment, kindness towards people regardless of any differences etc. 
26.  Limits negative influences. People can be a negative influence no matter what. Whether you  homeschool,public school,charter, online or private school can’t stop ALL things negative.  But homeschooling has more freedom to choose who your kids/ family will spend time with….. or not.
27. A safe learning environment.  With the increase in bullying, substance abuse, school shootings etc homeschooling provides a safe environment for our kids to learn and grow up. Again like with negative influences you can’t stop everything however it is nice to limit what’s around
28.   Kids have a natural sense of wonder.  Homeschooling allows not just the kid but families to explore new things together and possibly find a new talent or passion. 
29. Homeschooling means parents are available for the kids. Parents can be ‘there’ for their kids when they need to talk. Given with any relationship it can vary greatly. 
30.  Students can study a wider variety of subjects than is offered in  traditional school. 
31.  More in depth studies.  When something in of particular interest it can be studied in depth for as long as desired.  
32.  Everyday life is all about learning. Trips to the grocery store,fixing the house/car, caring for babies/ younger kids,budgeting, preparing meals etc. Regular life is learning! 
33.  Kids learn to think, discuss,ask lots of questions and explore thoughts without worry they will be laughed at or ignored.

34.  Creativity is encouraged & outside the box thinking is encouraged.
35.  Get help when/if you need it.   learning disabilities and other issues can be ignored in public schools or misdiagnosed.

 If there is something you need help with you as a family can do it with a focus on helping the kid
36.  Use different types of curriculum styles of teaching that work.  If something isn’t working  change it!   
37.  Taking breaks when needed.   some days my daughter can work hours other days she gets frustrated really easily and needs a break. Beauty of homeschooling kids are not forced to just deal with it. 
38.  Can be taught with compassion! A big one for us.


39.  No getting lost in the system/left behind.Mom and/orDad know exactly where their kids are in every aspect of life and how they are doing every day.
40.  Sleeping/school schedules. There has been research showing that many  kids today are not getting enough sleep. Homeschooling allows for plenty of sleep as well different school schedules. My daughter prefers afternoon and evening other kids might love working in the early morning. 
41.  Stay home when sick without missing assignments.
42.  Eating healthier foods is easier! Plus kids can help with shopping preparation cooking etc. 
43.  School can be done outside! Even doing a workbook at a park, beach or back yard can be a great change of pace. Plus  Vitamin D! 

Random Reasons homeschooling is awesome
1.  Can do school in pjs
2.  Can do school with pets/More time to care for and play with pets
3.  Lots of family time.
4.  No homework 
5.  No uniforms or other clothing pressures.
6.  Taking “field trips” to the beach when it is hot..,.even when it is a schoolday.
7.  Birthdays are school holidays. Whether it’s their birthday a friend’s birthday or a family members. 
8.  Field trips whenever you want! Museums,hiking,out to the desert,park,beach/lagoon Planetarium whatever. 


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