Adding Montessori to our eclectic homeschooling style

Adding more Montessori inspired learning activities


Her absolute favorite activity! 

Our Co-op offers a parent-child togetherness class where the parents and kids can work together with other parent/kids or individually in a completely Montessori Style “classroom”

Between the products that I’ve made or bought(quite a few kid size tools/household products) and the co-op just in the past couple weeks it’s made a huge difference she’s learning to enjoy more areas by learning through playing. 

Such a great find! Saw it in a class found one for $8 😄

Although she is still a lot more interested in Reading,animals & human body and since that’s what she’s most interested in it’s what we tend to focus on. We’re “eclectic” homeschoolers(labels suck! But for somethings that’s easier rather than trying to explain we do whatever whenever lol) so Montessori is not the core learning style but just one of of several styles that fit what she wants to learn and how she understands and enjoys that subject/topic/area best.

nature tic tac toe
Popsicle stick alphabet
Felt environment labeling

The materials for Montessori can be extremely expensive! 

 I lucked out with being able to pick up a couple things at Goodwill, a local used Homeschool Group(sandpaper upper & lower case letters for $4!) and making a few things of my own.

 If you’re going to get Montessori style products do research you can get things a lot cheaper than the first website that pops up on Google.  Facebook groups, homeschooling curriculum groups ,Craigslist, thrift stores, OfferUp even making your own. 

Felt letters

If you don’t know the definition of it 

Montessori is a philosophy and education model created by Maria Montessori. She was the first woman physician in Italy in the late 1800s. At its core Montessori education is designed to promote peace and considers child as a whole as well as the environment around them and builds on the way children naturally learn.  

Maria opened the first Montessori school in Rome in 1907 she died in 1952 but the Montessori Educational philosophy is still extremely popular today -especially with homeschoolers- although there are many many Montessori based schools. 

The style of “teaching” is based off of the environment/world around them and incorporates a lot of Life Learning rather than strict Traditional School subjects-i.e science,social studies. 

 Like my last post about life skills Montessori does a lot of that where kids will learn through doing normal stuff and learning to care about the environment around them. 
There are many Montessori complete curriculums as well as Montessori style unit studies which we will be incorporating probably in summer however like I said being electric we just use whatever happens to work best for us.

 I think that’s one of the Privileges of homeschooling: being able to follow your child’s lead to what they are most interested in,showing them and teaching them that in the best way for them. Whatever and however that may be! 
Where to get free Montessori style materials. 

  • Montessori for everyone
  •  Montessori print shop and
  •  Little Schoolhouse in the suburbs are 3 web sites that offer free (and paid) Montessori themed studies. 

 Well that’s a lot more than that I’m sure but those are the ones I’ve used to get a few unit studies to see how my daughter likes this style for more areas. 

Sandpaper letters.

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