Learning life skills young

Been incorporating more life skills into Lily-Rain’s daily life. 

She’s always helped out with laundry but now that she’s tall enough (and still in that ‘I want to help mommy do everything!’ faze lol) she will actually help sort the laundry into each washer,help transfer it from the washing machine to the dryer and help fold everything. She also knows how to press tofu, cut some soft foods (like tofu, bananas, tomatoes & bread), washes the counter, puts books toys and school supplies away,makes her bed,helps cook( prep food like peeling carrots and potatoes washing produce, fill up pot with water,turn on stove-with me-,stir food, cut food,open boxes, is learning to use measuring cups etc) and is trying to wash and dry dishes. 

Even though I may have to redo some of the things she does she is learning how to do basic activities that are part of daily life. I have a feeling once baby Leilani gets here more daily skills will be learned as well. 
I’m hoping over time she will learn to do these things-and more- so she can be fairly prepared when she is out on her own. 

Although that is years away it’s never too early to start!

She does get I guess you could call it an “allowance” but its not any particular amount of money for any particular thing. She started saving it in January when we started doing on money math,learning about savings, budget etc. 

She wanted to get the Starfire DC heroes doll but today she ended up picking out a singing pink teddy bear for the baby. And is so excited to be able to give it to the baby when she’s born…. even though that still months away. 

A present she picked out to give to Leilani using her own money


List of practical life skills for kids to learn. 

  • Do Dishes.

Both by hand and in dishwasher; including loading the washer right way,washing, rinsing, drying and putting away. 

Every time I do dishes(well almost anything) she insists on helping or like today she wanted to do it all by herself and I had to watch her be a big girl lol

  • Laundry

Wash,dry,sorted by color, right temperature, which type of soap/bleach to use,folding & even using an iron.

After doing 4 loads of laundry yesterday she ended up folding all the towels by herself as I did all our clothing
  • Prepare at least a few complete meals. Not necessarily five-course gourmet meals (but extra points if you can do that lol!) But basic cooking skills other than Ramen. Like couple different breakfast lunches and dinners
  • Plant a garden. Whether it’s done with starter plants or seeds… herbs, flowers, produce its all great! In our house in Glendale Arizona we had a garden once you move into the house, fall I hope to start another one. The garden in Arizona had jalapenos, tomatoes, strawberries, cantaloupe ,watermelon, grapes and carrots the last year. 

Had a garden for 5 years at this house.

Even though she was a toddler at the time she helped water the garden and loved to pick and eat tomatoes you right off the vine!

The first batch of tomatoes from the last year we had the garden at the house in Arizona
  • Plan a budget.

Shop for say week’s grocery and staying within budget. Using income with sales, ads,apps and coupons and coming up with a list to stay within budget

  • Keep bedroom/bathroom /kitchen clean. Kitchen goes hand-in-hand with doing dishes but also stuff Like making sure to clean out the fridge, cleaning the stove the counters, making sure the toilet the bath are clean,make sure there’s no leftover food or drinks in the bedroom, vacuuming,sweeping,windows washed etc.
  • Take care of garbage. Seems simple for making sure they know to take trash and recyclables out in a timely matter, when the trash pickup date is and how to separate trash from recyclables
  • The Steps to emergency shut-offs (gas, electricity, water).
  • Open savings & checking account and Write a check.
  • Change car tire & Change oil.
  • Apply for employment. Including Writing a cover letter and creating a resume.
  • Care for personal health:Hair care,clean body/face, trim and clean nails etc.
  • Know basic nutrition, how to prepare Foods & know how to pick out certain foods(I.e checking tomatoes)

  • Learn CPR & First Aid.
  • Pet care: feed, water, groom, bathe,playtime/attention clean up after.
  • Rug stain care/shampoo carpet
  • Return an item. How to contact the seller, obtain necessary paperwork, fill out paperwork, package items for return complete online return,write a letter/email of complaint for a returned item.
  • Look up jobs online.
  • Volunteer in a local community area of Interest- like animals or environment. 

Yes most of these seem like commonsense things. But it’s necessary to teach kids these skills so not only can they help out now but once they are out on their own they have the basic skills to get through life. 


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