Things kids can do for Earth day everyday 

Earth day is over but celebrating the planet we all live on can and should be part of our regular lives. 
Children have the most pure,compassionate and straightforward attitude when it comes to care of our planet, taking care of animals and humans. 

Childhood (the younger the better I think) is the best time to be able to nurture this natural empathy,love, compassion, willingness to care for the environment,animals and others.

As homeschoolers we have the privilege of incorporating these into our daily lives- planting a vegetable garden or a tree, researching deforestation, cleaning up the local park to understanding the repercussions of trash in the ocean.

All are amazingly important! 

Life is learning- learning through life. 

Flagstaff AZ August 2016. Beauty is everywhere!

Here are some simple things that can be done to help the environment and those who live on it….. from animal to Human 

1. Set up a recycling station!  weather for your house, for your Co-op group whatever. Simple and great way for everyone especially kids to learn how to separate trash and recyclables. 

Easy way to have a mini recycling station or to teach how to separate recyclables

2. Get each of you(each kid and yourself) a reusable bottle and take it with you everywhere you go. Some can cost a fortune ,others just a few bucks,plain looking or unique design,some kids bottles have characters on it.

These are great to have on the go to prevent buying water bottles or other drinks when out. 
3. Use tote bags! “Tote life” as my daughter calls it (from a TV show called we bare bears lol) is great some stores will even give you a discount for bringing your own bag. In Hawaii(as of the 2015 bag ban) you have to have a tote bag there’s a couple stores that you can buy a plastic bag when shopping but 99% you have to bring your own. Make it more fun and decorate an reusable shopping bag to use! 

4. Make birthday cards using recycled materials.
5. Build your own compost pile  and make sure to put your food scraps there. Worm farms are good too but only if there’s enough food

6. Did you know that it takes 660 gallons of water to make one  hamburger? If you’re not already

Make a vow to eat vegetarian/Vegan food for one week. If you are already veg get a non-veggie friend or family member to go animal free for a week. 

Meatless dinner

7. Recycle all cardboard packaging- even the small food boxes. You can make all kinds of crafts make robots,doll houses or racscars with small boxes a regular size play house, rocketship, play kitchen etc with big boxes. 

 It might take awhile to get enough boxes to build what you want but it’ll be so worth it! 
8. Clean up the local park/beach. Make it more fun and get others involved by making it into a scavenger hunt. 

Clean up scavenger hunt

9. Make your lunch as much packaging free as possible. Think Bento boxes or any type of reusable containers over Ziploc bags and foil. 
10. Plant a tree! Even a tiny one 🌴🌳🌲 
11. Take a walk instead of car to near by store/park/library and hug a tree…. Or 10 on the way. 

18 month old tree hugger 😂🌳🌲🌴

12. Create your own veggie patch. 

No matter how small or large its great. 

13. Regrow your food from kitchen scraps
14. Learn more about bees and how important they are. :::::🐝🐝🐝🐝/?preview=true

15. Have a clothing trade party for friends and swap some clothes/shoes etc. I did baby trade parties a few times in Phoenix we would trade toys and clothes for other stuff for our kids or us. 

This kid decided to pick up trash “so birds can’t get sick” while waiting April 1st 2017
Sunset between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon July 2016
Ponderosa Forest


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