How to Homeschool science

Science! Exciting word or scary?

I know some people think of science as very complicated or dull. That it is just math, unpronounceable names, and periodic table of elements. And it can be however Science is SO much more than that. 

Science is all around in our daily life. 

What you’re doing right now is because of science! There are so many types of science too Oceanography,Geology, Meteorology,Zoology, Human biology, Botany, physical sciences like physics and psychology sciences and many more. 
As homeschoolers science may seem like an impossible subject to do. But you can teach homeschool science. It can simply be incorporated into your family’s life. 

Maybe once you find a way that shows how simple, fascinating & fun science actually is, you might even grow to appreciate and enjoy science(at any age/level) which can rub off on your kid/s. And watching your child excited and really into science is a great feeling! 

Easy ways to get started with Homeschool science:

Start Simple
Depending on the “grade” level of your child,what they know,how they learned it’s probably best to start with something easier

Don’t start out with a complicated curriculum that will take a lot of preparation,supplies and pre-understanding. That can discourage both them from learning,enjoying and understanding and you from feeling okay with teaching it. 

Decent book we first tried from the library then got one from a Facebook group for $2.

Just start out with something simple even if it seems too easy. You can always advance to more difficult areas of science.
This year(so far at least) we have been doing easy experiments from experiment books at the library.  Also bought a couple at used book sales. Book stores,book exchange, Amazon etc are all other places to pick up science experiment books. 

These books tend to have hand-on activity and a short explanation of the concepts behind the experiments. 

Until she’s older that is good enough. Of course when Lily-Rain wants to learn more we check out YouTube or library again for more about whatever subject she wants to know more about. 
Another easy science option is getting a all-in-one curriculum. 

All you’ll need is right in there. Most of the time the experiments from the curriculum only need small simple supplies you may already have at home so you shouldn’t need to buy a lot of extras

Go Outside! 
My favorite way to teach homeschool science is to leave the house lol. 

Just step into your yard,the park,beach,forest and BOOM nature study!

 Weather, soil, plants, insects,animals/birds….it’s all science! Astronomy is great too- study sun,earth’s rotation, stars etc.
Wherever you go really all you need is to observe.  

We have a “outside science pack” with a few items we might need

°magnifying glass 

°A jar or small bags for collection °sketch pad


°°°°And my phone°°°°

 Because looking up right then and there what type of flower that is or what that type of fish eats is amazing! She is still super excited and curious so retains information. A lot more then I thought too- weeks later she will randomly tell me why the leaves are different colors! 

Then back at home figure out what your child was most interested in or dive deeper into what you looked up while out and find out more with books,YouTube videos, museums etc 

Bishop museum in Honolulu

Learning constellations in a Planetarium

Learn with them! 

Having college degrees don’t always mean much. I have collage degrees including one each in Biology(B.S) and psychology (B.A) and I still learn so much right along with my daughter every day.  No matter what education you have you can still learn a lot.

When I don’t know an answer, she will see me look it up or we look it up together. Watching mom/dad/teacher actively learning is such a great thing for them! Letting kids see you learning and enjoying the process of curiosity, research & learning new things teaches helps them see how to be life long learners.That’s important because there is always more to learn even after they are “school age”As I’m sure many homeschooling parents can attest to! 😂😄 Homeschooling in general is not only a good way to teach/show science (and every subject/life skill) at home, but is an opportunity to teach kids to love to learn so that they become lifelong learners!


Join A homeschool Co-op

Co-ops are wonderful ways for homeschooled kids to learn from different parents or others that may be able to teach science (and TONS of other topics) in a lot of ways,lots of hand on activities or at different places like museums or even “behind the scenes” somewhere.

Try An Online/DVD Course
Whether you teach it just yourself,by a curriculu,co-op or a mix consider an online course or DVDs. There are lots of good options available in most areas of science. Both paid online classes and plenty of free classes are out there.

Human body (biology) DVD

*microsoft education community has free live video classes on a lot of subjects including science.

*coursera is free unless you want a certificate of completion. 

*Khan Academy

*Great courses /plus 

*Great Courses Plus is a video on demand site. 
Are just a few that I know of off the top of my head  I know there’s a lot out there people my co-op have quite a few.

Microsoft and Khan Academy my daughter uses on a regular basis.

Khan Academy astronomy
Coursera course I am doing to learn about the solar system since my daughter is loving learning about it.

These type of courses/videos allow your child to get instruction from someone else, but you have control of the grading and any experiments. This supplement will take some pressure and stress off of you on science or any other subject you’re not 100% comfortable with doing by yourself. 

A monthly science club kit

There are a few including from Amazon and the magic school bus among others. They usually have a different topic each month and include supplies for an experiment and a book/pages explaining the what and how. You can also buy single kits online we got a magic school bus science kit from Walmart. 

 Starting in August (month before I’m due with baby #2!) we will be starting the magic school bus one since Lily-Rain loves the show and hopfully either Amazon STEM or little passports. 

Great to add to your homeschooling especially if eclectic like us! 

Choose the method/s that fit your kid/s style, how you teach and have fun learning! 

Photo from Magic island on Oahu Hawaii 5/7/17

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