Finally got all the way to the store and picked up yummy stuff to cook next few days.

Made these rolls with a few substitutes
I’ll post recipe I used with I used next to ingredient. Got everything at Trader Joes 3 miles from our campsite.
Lily-rain loved them! Messy tho lol

60’s tie dye spring Rolls

          ::::What you need::::

For the filling: 

8 rice paper wraps. We got a 6 pack.

1 head purple cabbage.
*Used mixed cabbage in a bag

5 big carrots. Used 3 smallish ones since we didnt have 5 lol

1-2 avocados. Used 1

1 candycane beet. *Used canned slices that I cut into strips.

1 watermelon radish. *Used plain old radishes

For the sauce: 

½ cup almond butter

6 tbsp lime juice.
*Used lemon
5 tbsp tamari

1 tbsp maple syrup. *Didn’t use

4 shakes sesame oil
water (to thin, as needed)

      ::::what you do::::

1. Prepare your veggies: grate your cabbage and your carrots, slice your beet, radish and avocado (a mandolin comes in handy here). 
2. To make the sauce: combine all ingredients in a jar and shake until combined. I did this but used a Tupperware.
3. To assemble your wraps: fill a large bowl with hot water. Insert one rice paper wrap at a time for 20 seconds. This is all the time it needs to soften much longer they’ll break.

Carefully, remove from water and place on your flat surface. Arrange vegetables in the center, and roll your wrap like a burrito to finish. 
4. Dip generously in sauce and chow down.


Then snack time later on was eating tofukey and trader joes soy cheese rolls (aka lazy snack :p ) while watching signing time.


Mommy & Lily-rain snack after getting back to RV after few hours at the beach.
Trader Joe’s brand hummus, baby carrots and mushrooms.


So glad we made it all the way to Trader Joe’s and sprouts today and got to pick up some stuff.

Tomorrow going to make veggie & tofu pot stickers 😀

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