Hosting Homeschool Co-op 

​Hosting a little homeschooling co-op about all body aimed at Kindergarten/pre-k age event over the next few weeks. 

First one was on January 26 about bones & lungs. Had some handouts, poster board, read a few pages from a zombies guide to the human body, they asked questions pretty simple but they enjoyed it and learned. Who got to do with it magic Island this great little Beach,park & lagoon in Honolulu. 

For the bones the kids put together a life-size kids skeleton puzzle and then everyone to attend laying down next to it to see who was the same size bigger or smaller than it.

For the lung activity they used straws and balloons for them to visualize how the lungs inflate and deflate as we inhale and exhale.


Also spent a lot of time dancing and stretching to show what joints can do for us and how the lungs work harder when you’re exercising.    


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