About to say bye to San Diego

Since last week when my mother-in-law left and stole all our money (savings too,what we were living on till end of April) although it’s been very tough money wise without being able to buy stuff like food other than for Lily-rain things have been much better here.
I don’t know if it’s all RV parks but people here are very friendly! The head of the security has a drone like Eric & they fly them together,made more friends,we help each other out,do art together,I’m teaching ASL,we text at night,go to the pool/beach, hanging out by our firepit just more simple joy- no drama no hate- just neighbors being neighborly.
My daughter has a few (albeit short term) friends that she asks to see  daily which is great & she’s getting so much more interaction at the RV park then back in Glendale, AZ.
I will miss them all when we leave Tuesday morning & head to Las Vegas Nevada. I’m excited for Nevada my husband has temp job interviews lined up (perfect for the few weeks we’ll be there)& I get to see a good friend of mine & her husband.

We Campland friends have each other’s numbers so hopefully we will keep in touch about all of our fulltiming adventures!!

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